end mill milling cutter / solid / roughing / HSS
Dormer Pramet

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end mill milling cutter / solid / roughing / HSS end mill milling cutter / solid / roughing / HSS


  • Geometry:

    end mill

  • Construction:


  • Type:


  • Material:


  • Treated material:

    for metal


Dormer offers four basic types of shank cutter - two flute slot drills, three flute slot drills, multi flute end mills and roughing cutters - in HSS, HSCo and HM. This includes:

Two flute slot drills: made to close tolerance diameter for milling of keyways, slots, etc. A slot drill has end teeth with cut to centre and can therefore be plunge fed into the workpiece, producing closed slots or open pockets.

Three flute slot drills: the application of three flute slot drills corresponds to that of two flute slot drills but provide a better balanced cut and improved finish when surfacing or side-wall milling.

End mills: used primarily for profiling operations with low-medium metal removal rates.

Roughing end mills: designed for high metal removal rates, the object of roughing cutters is to produce broken chips, reduce deflection and eliminate vibration, allowing for increased feed rates above that of standard end mills.

Additional types of cutter available include ball nose cutters, T-slot cutters, Woodruff cutters, Dovetail cutters, corner rounding cutters and side & face milling cutters.