countersink / burr / for metal / with cylindrical shank
Dormer Pramet



  • Geometry:


  • Type:


  • Treated material:

    for metal

  • Other characteristics:

    with cylindrical shank

  • Rotational speed:

    Min.: 7000 rpm (43982.3 rad.min-1)

    Max.: 96000 rpm (603185.79 rad.min-1)


The new range of carbide rotary burrs enhances our support tools program for general machining processes.

It is the first time that burrs will be available under the Dormer product brand. Key features include:

A comprehensive assortment of designs and shapes to choose from, including ball nosed cylinder, pointed tree, oval, flame, 60° and 90° countersinks, cones and inverted cones varieties.

Numerous options to machine a range of materials, including hardened steel, non-ferrous materials and plastics.

Carbide head and steel shank (above 6mm) offering an ideal mix of rigidity and strength.

A double cut design improves ease of control, increases metal removal rate and breaks swarf into manageable pieces.

The ball end geometry incorporates skip flute grinding which improves cutting action closer to the centre, reducing the chance of swarf congestion and increases strength.

Aluminium cut option makes it the first choice for non-ferrous materials and plastics.