shell-end milling cutter / insert / roughing / for cast iron
Dormer Pramet



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    for cast iron


We have created a new range of tangential face milling cutters and inserts for heavy roughing.

An important addition to Pramets wide assortment of milling products for heavy machining, the cutters feature a number of benefits including:

The tangential mounting of the new robust double-sided inserts ensures rigid clamping.

Its mounting also means the cutting force is along each inserts thickest, strongest axis. This helps to withstand greater forces and gives at least 30 per cent higher tool life in heavy conditions compared with the radial option.

Offers good impact strength and cost efficient machining due to high productivity achieved with both high feed and cutting depth.

Suitable for face milling of cast iron and steel in heavy machining conditions.

Inserts produced using the new grades M5326, M8326 and M8346, which were developed specially for heavy milling to offer additional durability.

Supported by M chipbreaker with a positive geometry for standard work-pieces and low cutting forces and chipbreaker KR - a negative geometry for hard work-pieces and the first-choice for heavy cutting conditions.