shell-end milling cutter / insert / shoulder / for steel
ADMX07 Dormer Pramet



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  • Construction:


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  • Treated material:

    for steel

  • Other characteristics:



Pramet has a range of universal 90º cutters for productive milling in smaller diameters.

The ADMX07 insert has been created to provide a versatile addition to the AD family, offering diameters down to 10mm for a variety of applications and materials.

Available in three choices of radius 0.2, 0.4 and 0.8mm the insert features an optimised cutting edge for smoother machining.

A reduced shank version is also available, enabling access to deep pockets and difficult to access areas. The milling cutter body is made from hardened tool steel to promote strength in unstable cutting conditions.

ADMX07 further strengthens the existing ADMX11 and ADMX16 ranges.