shell-end milling cutter / insert / shoulder / for aluminum
LNGX12 Dormer Pramet



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    for aluminum


LNGX12 shoulder milling inserts is a cost-effective and popular range from Pramet.

Now featuring new geometries including F (finishing), R (roughing) and FA (aluminium) and additional radius options from 0.4 3.0mm.

A versatile tool, the LNGX12 provides process reliability for a wide field of applications encompassing most engineering materials and milling operations, including face milling, shoulder milling, grooving, plunging, helical interpolation, ramping and progressive plunging.

The M8340 grade part of the UP!GRADE family - offers enhanced wear resistance while maintaining consistent performance and process reliability under a variety of operating conditions.

Its combination of the sub-micron grain size of the substrate and the multi-layer PVD coating enhances wear resistance in particular, preventing the initiation and propagation of thermal cracks.

As such, it will become the go to grade for most general applications offering increased tool life and production efficiency.