turning grade / for difficult-to-machine materials / for hardened materials / for stainless steel
SF, SM Dormer Pramet



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    for difficult-to-machine materials, for hardened materials, for stainless steel


Pramet has introduced two new positive geometries and grades for turning applications in difficult to machine materials (DTMM).

Suitable for a variety of turning applications, the SF and SM geometries have been launched to support the machining of materials such as high temperature alloys and stainless steel.

The SF geometry features a sharp, positive rake of 14.5°. It is suitable for finishing applications in continuous cut with very low forces.

The SM geometry has a positive rake of 13° and is a wear-resistant, universal geometry for medium machining (finishing up to roughing) and suitable for continuous and interrupted cut.

Both geometries are available in a variety of grades and have been designed to promote low cutting forces and prevent work-hardening. This helps to reduce the risk of vibration when turning thin-walled components.

In addition to the new geometries, two new turning grades are also available.

The PVD coated T6310 grade features a special sintering process which enhances cutting edge reliability and strength. Its new substrate with intermediate Cobalt content provides additional hardness and increased abrasion resistance to offer greater reliability and prolonged tool life.

The T6310’s triple coating provides durability for higher cutting speeds used when machining stainless steel, heat-treated and hardened materials.

Meanwhile, Pramet’s new H07 uncoated grade offers good heat conductivity and high wear resistance required for turning titanium and alloys. Its fine grain substrate with low Cobalt content offers resistance to pitting as well as plastic deformation. It is available in the new SF geometry.