indexable insert drilling tool / for stainless steel
SD chip-breaker Dormer Pramet



  • Type:

    indexable insert

  • Drilled material:

    for stainless steel


Pramet's new versatile chip-breaker is suitable for machining low carbon and soft stainless steels.

The SD (soft drilling) chip breaker supports both Pramet’s SCET and XPET ranges.

It has been specifically designed to provide improved stability and productivity when drilling low strength soft and long-chipping material, where the balance of forces between the inserts becomes more difficult to maintain.

Part of a wider launch of new products announced by Dormer Pramet in November 2015, the chip-breaker’s positive geometry with stabilizer provides reliable chip evacuation, minimal vibration and low cutting forces. This results in a quieter and more stable machining process.

The addition means Pramet can offer a greater choice of grades, geometries and designs of inserts for indexable hole-making.

Its existing UD (universal drilling) geometry is suitable for machining most medium and high strength steels, while grades D8345, D8330 and D9335 provide a number of options for Pramet’s 800D line of 2D-5D indexable drills.