twist drill bit / solid / for stainless steel / HSS-E
A147 Dormer Pramet



  • Type:


  • Drilled material:

    for stainless steel

  • Drill bit material:


  • Other characteristics:

    high-speed, twist

  • Diameter :

    Max.: 12 mm

    Min.: 1 mm

  • Length:

    Max.: 151 mm

    Min.: 34 mm


A new high speed cobalt (HSS-E) jobber drill has been launched by Dormer.

The A147 is primarily for machining stainless steel and titanium.

Capable of drilling to depths up to 6xD, the Bright finish A147 features a split point geometry. This improves penetration through the work-piece allowing for reduced torque requirements, improved hole-quality and longer tool life.

Its addition supports Dormer’s existing high speed steel (HSS) quick spiral jobber drill – the A108 – which also machines stainless steel in general applications.

Dormer’s versatile A147 can also be used for a wide variety of materials including steel, copper and aluminum.