monobloc tap / carbide / for hardened steel
T2xx Dormer Pramet



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    for hardened steel


Dormer Pramet has launched a comprehensive program of solid carbide taps for machining hardened steels and other difficult to machine materials.

The use of hardened materials in industrial processes is becoming increasingly common, creating a greater need for cutting tools that can operate in extreme conditions.

To support this, Dormer Pramet has developed five new lines for threading depths up to 3xD under its Dormer brand.

The new carbide taps – identified by the T2xx designation - form part of the company’s second product launch of 2016.

Offering a high level of performance and productivity, the taps are recommended for machining hardened materials up to 63 HRC, providing high wear resistance and long tool life even at high speeds.

The T2xx range can support cutting speeds three times greater than HSS-E taps and, with a highly stable tool design, offers less risk of breakage.

The taps are available in a choice of straight flute and spiral flute geometries with either a Titanium Carbon Nitride (TiCN) or Super-B (TiAlN + WC/C) coating. Through coolant and forming tap options have also been added.