monobloc tap / HSS / for steel / maintenance
E78x Dormer Pramet



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    for steel

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Dormer Pramet has developed ten new lines of machine taps specifically targeting maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) operations.

Offering a good quality cost-effective option, the new taps will be of particular interest to customers who work with motors, pumps, engines and valves within various industry segments, including automotive, aerospace, oil and gas.

Suitable for use in hand held or portable machines, the versatile taps – developed under the company’s Dormer brand - are manufactured from quality High Speed Steel (HSS) to provide a good level of hardness, toughness and tool life.

Available in Metric, Metric Fine and BSP thread forms in straight flute, spiral point and spiral flute geometries, this new range delivers a variety of options for both blind and through-hole applications across a wide range of workpiece materials.