copying milling cutter / insert / for stainless steel / for hardened steel
SRC10, RCMT10 Dormer Pramet



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  • Treated material:

    for stainless steel, for hardened steel, for carbon steel, for cast iron


A completely new range of inserts and cutters for copy milling is now available.

The RCMT10 inserts offer high metal removal rates, with up to 5mm depth of cut and strong durability.

Designed to allow a high feed per tooth, RCMT10 is available in three geometries to support operations in a wide range of materials. Geometry F is for stainless steels, super alloys and low carbon steels, geometry M for steels and stainless steels, while geometry R is for cast iron and hardened materials.

To support this addition, we have expanded our current line of versatile SRC copy milling cutters.

The SRC10 is a range of small diameter cutters available in sizes from 25 - 66mm and in a variety of types, including end mills, modular and shell mills.