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finishing milling tool / for molds finishing milling tool / for molds - WNHX04


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    for molds


Our family of economical milling tools includes an assortment for semi-finishing and finishing in die and mold applications.

This includes our CNHX05 double-sided inserts, with up to four cutting edges. Its unique patented wiper edges generate a high-quality surface finish, resulting in reduced machining time in both shoulder and face milling applications.

This is supported by a range of SCN05C cutters for productive copy milling of steels, hardened steels and cast irons. Available in 12mm-20mm diameters, the tool’s close pitch increases the number of teeth and enables at least 20% higher productivity than standard pitch cutters.

Meanwhile, we have launched an insert with six-cutting edges, the double-sided WNHX04 insert. This too features a unique patented wiper edge to generate superior finish on component walls and face, reducing time in cut.

This latest insert is compatible with a new range of economical and productive copy milling tools. The SWN04C cutter, available in diameters between 20-35mm, offers a variety of differential pitch options to enhance surface finish and support the six-cutting edge insert.

Designed for smooth cutting in operations with long overhang, it can be used in contouring, profiling, plunging and face milling applications with a depth of cut up to 2mm.

As with the SCN05C cutter, the SWN04C range is suitable for semi-finishing and finishing applications in steels, hardened steels and cast irons for the mold and die segment.