Hydraulic tool-holder
Dormer Tools

Without a good tool-holder, some high-performance tools will show excessive wear or cut oversize. Use of the correct tool holder can result in increased tool life, lower cost per hole, reduced over-sizing and higher productivity

- HydroGrip hydraulic tool holders are suitable for all drilling and reaming operations. Extremely versatile, they will accommodate any type of cylindrical tool shank and are available in conventional or pencil types for machining deep cavities or complex components

- SynchroFlex tap holders use a patented, precisely manufactured micro compensator to cushion any discrepancy between the machine feed rate and the actual pitch of a tap. Consequently, thread quality is improved, and the reduced friction - i.e. reduced wear - results in longer tool life

- TotalGrip high-performance mechanical chucks are highly suited to most milling applications, including roughing, semi-finishing and finishing. Simple to use, they are designed to give good run-out accuracy and strong gripping torque. A waterproof seal ensures high performance and longer tool life


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