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Dormer presents hydraulic tool-holder. The absence of a good tool-holder can lead to extra wear or oversized cutting, even for some top-performing tools. The right tool holder can lead to improved tool life, reduced cost per hole, lower over-sizing and greater productivity.

HydroGrip hydraulic tool holders are ideal for types of drilling and reaming applications. These tools are highly versatile. They can fit all kinds of cylindrical tool shanks. They are supplied in traditional or pencil types for machining deep cavities or complex parts.

SynchroFlex tap holders employ a patented, precisely made micro compensator. This compensator helps in covering any difference in the machine feed rate and the actual pitch. This helps in improving the thread quality. Also the reduced friction and wear ensure a longer tool life.

TotalGrip are high-performance mechanical chucks. These are ideal for almost all milling activities, such as roughing, semi-finishing and finishing. They are very user-friendly, and have been developed to provide excellent run-out accuracy and powerful gripping torque.


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