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Tabletop profile projector / horizontal
16" | 16H Dorsey Metrology International


  • Options:

    tabletop, horizontal


This ultra precision optical comparator utilizes an integrated zero backlash, high resolution scale and a free state, normalized zero stress stage. These features allow 16H optical comparator to attain inherent accuracy and repeatability values as high as .00001" without electronic compensation. This extremely accurate and versatile measurement instrument features our proven cast iron “ultra precision” stage system. Integrated fiber optic surface illumination, and an electronic rotary screen protractor combine to make this the most accurate and versatile horizontal benchtop optical comparator available at any price.
16H Optical Comparator Key Features:

16” high resolution vertical glass screen for optimum viewing of the erect profile image.
Machined chart ring with recessed screen protects internal optics and facilitates the alignment of the screen to the optical axis.
Large format vernier protractor with one minute graduations.
Quick change single lens mount with choice of lenses: 10X, 20X, 25X, 31.25X, 50X, 62.5X, & 100X.
Coated telecentric par focal optics.
Choice of fiber optic or LED surface illumination.
Nickel plated cast iron workstage 18” X 5” with universal dovetail slot.
Stage travel is 10” x-axis and 6” y-axis and 2” focus.
Crossed roller bearing table travel in all axes.
X & Y axis 0.0005mm/.00002” linear scales have zero backlash
X & Y axis are mounted in the center of the stage movement for increased accuracy.
The optics and workstage movements are mounted on cast granite composite base.


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