electrical cable feedthrough / multiple-element
Portplate series Douglas Electrical Components



  • Product applications:

    for electrical cables

  • Configuration:



Pioneered by Douglas Electrical, Portplate systems are fully assembled and pre-tested for ready-to-pump convenience. They can be provided with or without connectors and are shipped as ready-to-install assemblies.

Portplate assemblies are available in sizes ranging from 6 to 48 inches in diameter and offer full strain relief. We also offer vacuum outgassing bake-out for components or entire units.

Reduce troubleshooting costs. Multiple feedthroughs on a single plate minimizes the time and costs associated with troubleshooting and testing.

Accommodate any configuration. Portplates are available to accommodate mixed configurations of feedthroughs including Ductorseal®, StudSeal™, Optiseal™ and PotCon®.