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LR-Cal FLUID 200 DRUCK & TEMPERATUR Leitenberger GmbH



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The LR-Cl FLUID 200 edition of portable fluid bath temperature regulator for portable and stable utilization, with microprocessor operation, ramp function, thermostat tests and flexible magnetic mixer. With 4 mm sockets for input for up to 2 external temperature detectors (1 x external reference plus 1 test item unit, or for 2 test items). A Pt100 3-/4-wire, -100/+700°C, ±0.3°C for 0/1000°C, ±1°C thermo-couples of type J or (0/1300°C, ±1°C of types K/N/R/S. There is visual display of measured values of linked detectors in the display of the regulator which results in continuous display of nearly 3 different temperatures. A temperature extent of +20°C with surrounding temperatures of +20°C - +200°C and ±0.02°C (at -5°C) of temperature stability. There is a temperature evening of ±0.05°C horizontal and vertical, with a precision of 0.01/0.1°C. Available temperature units of °C, °F, K and a RS232 interface with 10°C and of 5°C of mean heating and cooling time per minute.