linear piezoelectric motor
3 - 25 mm, 20 - 100 N | CS-12-60 Series DSM


  • Movement:



Total macro stroke: Typically 3 to 25 mm. Actual value is determined by motor design. Designs can be configured for increased travel.
• Motion resolution: Sub-micron step capability- using micro stepping driver.
• Dimensions: Approximately 17 mm x 29 mm x 30 mm (0.67 in x 1.14 in x 1.18 in) depending on force specification.
• Motor speed: Up to 30 mm/sec depending upon the motor architecture and driving frequency.
• Output force: Force levels for current models range between 20 N to 100 N (5 to 22 lbf) depending on motor frame size and piezoelectric size. The motor can be configured for power-off slip or power-off hold.