oil rotary union / 7-passage / for construction vehicles
XJ-0720007 DSTI - Dynamic Sealing Technologies, Inc.



  • Medium:

    for oil

  • Number of passages:


  • Applications:

    for construction vehicles

  • Pressure:

    30 psi, 172 psi

  • Rotational speed:

    150 rpm (942 rad.min-1)

  • Nominal size:

    7.938 in


The XJ-0720007 is designed for a tracked vehicle for construction operations. It has 7 passages with a passage size of 0.380". It has a maximum rotational speed of 150 RPM and provides pressures of 30 PSI and 2500 PSI. It has a diameter if 7.938" and a length of 15.760". It features a customized O-ring shaft adapter that is directly integrated into the customer's equipment.