oil rotary union / hydraulic / high-pressure
KP-05611 DSTI - Dynamic Sealing Technologies, Inc.



  • Medium:

    for oil

  • Applications:

    hydraulic, high-pressure

  • Pressure:

    300 psi

  • Rotational speed:

    2,500 rpm (15,708 rad.min-1)

  • Nominal size:

    1.177 in


This is a single passage rotary union, which can be used for belt pitch actuation applications. The design is specialized and provides hydraulic pressure to the rotating clutch, which makes it easy to adjust the cooling fan speeds, even in the harshest environments, defined by dust and high vibration.

The passage has a size of .125", while the rotational speed achieved by this item is 2,500RPM. Next, the pressure of 300PSI and the size of 1.177" (diameter) and 2.815" (length) are also worth mentioning.