roller conveyor / for the automotive industry / transfer / distribution



  • Technology:


  • Sector:

    for the automotive industry

  • Other characteristics:

    transfer, distribution


Until the vehicle body is able to move on its own wheels, it requires aids to move. This is the case during the body in white phase, in the paintshop and in the intermediate storage areas. The skid, a slide made of steel, creates a reliable connection between the sensitive vehicle body and the conveyor

The skid loaded with a vehicle body is transported chiefly on roller conveyors in longitudinal direction through body shop and paint shop.

Features: Very good cost/performance ratio, low-maintenance and low-noise

Turntables allow the body to be conveyed with the front section in the direction of travel. It is possible to implement horizontal changes of direction at any angle. It goes without saying that the turntable can be combined with other conveyors

Features: Driven directly at the plastic-coated friction wheel; low-maintenance and low-noise.

Cross transfer cars allow distribution of vehicle bodies over several parallel lines. They are a "must" in reversing mode.

Features: Low-noise and low-wear drive by plastic-coated wheels.

Bodyshell lifts convey the vehicle bodies vertically, thus allowing them to reach the various levels of the production shop.

Features: Two lift belts, low-maintenance and low-noise; counterweight for counter-balancing, minimum motor output required, stand-by drive can be activated easily.

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