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EcoBell Cleaner D2 / EcoBell Cleaner B Dürr



The atomizer cleaning devices are used in the robot area for the automatic cleaning of rotational atomizers.

EcoBell Cleaner D2

It is a cleaning device for rotary atomizers, especially EcoBell3. The cleaner can be used for water- and solventborne 1K and 2K paints.

Low flushing agent consumption: less than 50ml
Short cleaning time usually without cycle time loss
Simultaneous color change and short flushing possible during cleaning
No hoppers, pans or separator additionally necessary
Less space occupied in the booth
Suitable for a 6 bar dynamic supply network
Can be attached in a stationary position or to move with the robot

EcoBell Cleaner B

The atomizer cleaning device has been designed for the use with waterbased paint systems. The EcoBell Cleaner B (compact external charge) can only be used with Dürr rotational atomizers of type EcoBell3 C.

Optimum integration into the movements of the painting robot
Collision protection, atomizer cleaning device with flexible bearings
Contactless sealing system between atomizer/cleaning device (no sealing wear)
Convenient parameterization by means of EcoScreen
Specific software locks and release valves for maximum safety

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