injection nozzle / for vehicles / compact / modular
EcoGun series Dürr



  • Function:


  • Applications:

    for vehicles

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, modular


EcoGun 1D is a single-nozzle applicator. Nozzle shapes for applications like flat stream and airless, etc., can be mounted here.

EcoGun2 3D

The standardized EcoGun2 3D is suitable for all types of application from the injection of insulating materials to seam sealing.

Applicator for up to 3 (different) nozzles
Different lance lengths available
Integrated swivel Joint
Integrated circulation up to nozzle tip
Low pressure drop
All connections in one direction
Advantages of the applicators:

Compact dimensions
Low servicing costs
Modular design
Integrated standard sensor system
Main needle valves close at the tip of the nozzles
Short switching times due to integrated pneumatic valves

EcoGun MD

Is employed in areas where coating with high edge definition is necessary. This application is normally used in the field of rocker panels. It happens in several steps; a combination of airless and flat stream application is possible.

No masking tape required
Sharp lined rocker panel application with repeatable position, layer thickness and Quality
Combination with underbody sealing possible

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