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    with dryer, degreasing


Efficient Cleaning and Activation

Cleaning the components before painting is a necessary process in order to increase the paint shop’s efficiency. Dürr masters various technologies and can offer the optimal process principle for different applications.

CO2 Cleaning

This method is suitable for slight contamination. Parts are cleaned with cryogenic liquid CO2 in this process. The removed dirt is conveyed out of the booth by the exhaust air.

Low space requirement
Waterless process
Save in time in production
Low energy consumption


Optimal process principle for different applications. As a proven technology, powerwash can be used for all types of soiling. Beginning with degreasing, the parts pass through the subsequent rinse zones.

Optimal cleaning is achieved by individually adapting the number and length of zones to the soiling.

A combination of tilting/vibrating tables and air blow zones dewater the components effectively, thus preparing them ideally for the drying process.

In order to achieve drying without residues, the parts are specifically blown off with air and then pass through the water dry-off oven and the cooling zone.

Excellent cleaning efficiency for plastic parts
Effective drying of the plastic parts

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