Pneumatic ultrasonic welding press
ES Dukane Intelligent Assembly Solutions

The most technologically advanced ultrasonic welding systems available today are found in Dukane's iQ Series equipment. Our patented, 100% digitally-controlled generator, ultra-rigid press, coupled with the iQ Explorer ser-interface provides superior accuracy and ease of use. The generators have new multi-core processor technology that allows them to operate at a processing rate of .5 milliseconds. Lockable front panel controls and position indicators make press systems easy to set up, and they are perfect for applications requiring machine validation.

iQ Explorer's intuitive touch-screen graphical menu structure incorporates a one-page setup screen that makes welder operation easy to learn and program. Ethernet connectivity, wireless networking, and multiple USB ports are all options for weld and graph data storage. Over 25 programmable upper and lower process limits along with reference, weld graph logic is available for weld diagnostics and process consistency.

-Welder setup parameters are all digitally controlled and can be calibrated to meet FDA and ISO requirements
-Multi-level password options eliminate unauthorized changes to weld program, assuring part quality and consistency
-Weld by time, energy, distance, absolute distance, peak power and ground detect.
-15, 20, 30, 40 kHz frequencies available.
-180 - 4800 watt versions, true RMS power.


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