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Walk-behind scrubber-dryer
880 mm, 3 000 m²/h | H607 series DULEVO INTERNATIONAL

Dulevo H607-H707 series walk-behind scrubber dryer is very robust and delivers superior cleaning performance. The machines have been developed for heavy-duty use and are the strongest in their category. They feature stainless steel tanks and brush heads made of cast alloy. This combined with simple electronics ensures dependability under the most demanding conditions. They have compact dimensions yet provide high water capacity.

Dulevo H607-H707 is perfect for industrial floor cleaning in applications such as machine shops, metal fabrication facilities, and assembly lines. They are also suitable for public surfaces such as malls, supermarkets, airports, showroom, etc.

The stainless steel construction makes it ideal for applications with high hygiene requirements such as food industry, hospitals, etc. An additional benefit of the rider scrubber is the cost efficiency.



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