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Brushless motor / DC / 24V / 12V
BG 32X10 KI series Dunkermotoren GmbH


  • AC/DC:


  • Type:


  • Voltage :

    24V, 12V

  • Other characteristics:

    with integrated controller, 8-pole, modular, 3-phase DC

  • Torque:

    0.026 Nm (0.02, 0.045 Nm (0.03

  • Power:

    11.1 W (0.01 hp), 10.6 W (0.01 hp)

  • Rotational speed:

    3920 rpm (24630.09 rad.min-1), 4080 rpm (25635.4 rad.min-1)


Highly dynamic 3-phase BLDC motor with neodymium magnet
Version with integral commutation electronics
Selectable rotational direction
The speed of rotation of the motor is unregulated, as with conventional DC motor; it depends solely on the supply voltage and the load
Can be combined with encoders, brakes and gearboxes within our modular system


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