Brushless servo-drive
10 - 30 VDC, 2.5 A | BGE 3508 Dunkermotoren GmbH


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The BGE 3508 is a comapct 4-quadrant controller from Dunkermotoren that is designed to control brushless or brushed DC-motors. It is packaged with a PC-software to provide a quick and easy calibration of the parameters like speed, position and torque. It can come in a programmable version with integral Motion Process Unit. This enables stand-alone-operation or representation of stand-alone-networks This controller is secured from over-voltage, low voltage, and over-temperature cut-off problems. It is capable of being screwed by boreholes on its side. It utilizes the CANopen businterface, and operates on a DC voltage of 10..30 VDC


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