urethane transmission belt / pulley / anti-vibration



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These anti-vibration belts reduce the vibrations that abrade and stretch belts. When pulleys are severely misaligned, they help to retain the belts, and increase belt life in many applications. Anti-vibration belts, which are available in blue or red, are slippery and therefore able to resist walking. At the same time, they can still provide sufficient drive for applications. These abilities make these belts better than other types of belts that run or walk on bare shafts. Another problem that many belts face is being rolled due to side forces. If the side forces are large enough, they can potentially stick the belts to the flange of the pulley. On misaligned pulleys or conveyor diverters, some belts even fall off. These anti-vibration models are lubricated and designed to stick to the flange, and to not roll out.