image analysis software / combustion process / for thermal imaging / online
D-VTA 200 DURAG Sales & Service GmbH & Co. KG



  • Function:

    image analysis

  • Applications:

    combustion process, for thermal imaging

  • Type:



The D-VTA 200 Thermography Analysis Software delivers online temperature distributions directly from the kiln and clinker cooler.

Special software modules for the cement process, like a free lime prediction, are available.

Video Monitoring

Live video of sinter zone and clinker cooler.
Visualisation of clinker formation and clinker balls

Thermography Analysis

Clinker and flame temperature
Flame shape and ignition points


Stabilization of product quality
Reduce refractory wear in kiln and cooler
Free lime prediction
Optimisation aid for alternative fuels
Detection of „snowman“ and „red river“

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