inkjet printing machine / multi-color / for ceramics
Gamma 98 XD Durst Phototechnik AG



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    for ceramics


The Gamma XD series represents a new generation of 8-color inkjet ceramic printers which impresses with its modularity and self-maintenance functions, in addition to its technological innovations. The printing system can be configured with up to eight color rows and printing widths from 319 to 957 mm as needed. Gamma 98 XD series is equipped with the latest Durst high-definition print head technology with double ink circulation. The new "adaptive dot placement technology" achieves a native resolution of 300 dpi and prints with four grayscale levels and droplet sizes up to 90 pl. Optional print heads with droplet sizes up to 320 pl can be used for printing special effect inks (e.g. glossy, matte, luster (mother-of-pearl) etc.). Intelligent electronic print head level control ensures streak-free printing, high image quality and color homogeneity across the entire printing width. Stable printing behavior and long print head life is ensured by a new print head cleaning system with long intervals, no ink loss and no purging of ink on the conveyor belt. The Gamma 98 XD is equipped with comprehensive and user-friendly printer software (64-bit Linux). The software offers high flexibility and a variety of new functions, such as "Durst auto-texture" for the automatic creation of textures when using special effect inks. The mechanical design of the new Gamma 98 XD was also ergonomically refined to further optimize the workflow.