air compressor / stationary / electrically-powered / rotary vane
CB.12 DVP Vacuum Technology



  • Type:


  • Portability:


  • Power source:


  • Technology:

    rotary vane

  • Lubrication:


  • Applications:


  • Pressure:

    0.6 bar (8.7 psi)

  • Flow:

    12 m³/h, 14 m³/h (423.78 ft³/h)

  • Power:

    0.37 kW, 0.45 kW (0.5 hp)


The industrial monobloc design with the rotor directly assembled on the motor shaft and the use of light-weight alloys mean that this series of compressors is of limited size and weight and can be fitted into a limited space, provided there is good ventilation.
Compressor cooling is ensured by an integral motor fan.

Standard equipment includes:

Protective filter at the inlet

WARNING: To avoid damage to the compressor or electrical motor it is recommended a pressure relief valve adjusted not to exceed the max pressure allowed for each unit shown in the table.

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