solvent distillation unit / automatic / vacuum
DW D.W. Renzmann Apparatebau



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    automatic, vacuum


Cylindrical, vacuum-tight distillation boiler, pressure relief valve, hinged lid counterbalanced by a gas spring, viewing glass, temperature- and solvent-resistant gasket
Heating jacket with thermal oil as heat transfer medium, integrated Ex-de heating elements, minimum-level switch as safety against low oil level
Insulation of boiler, heating jacket, and lid
Water-cooled condenser, parts in contact with solvent are made of stainless steel
Temperature limiter switches off the heating if the solvent temperature exceeds a set limit
Cleaning hole with hinged cover for residue discharge
Signal lamp and EMERGENCY STOP, explosion-proof, mounted directly at the distillation unit
Control cabinet with control elements for installation outside the hazardous area
Separate control box for the pneumatic system
Batch distillation