ultrasonic flow meter / for liquids / clamp-on



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    for liquids

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The UXF2 chain Ultrasonic Flow Converters are coupled with Series SX3 series sensors with the intention of using the transfer-time calculating technique. Two ultrasonic detectors are installed on the exterior of the pipe, and each conveys an ultrasonic pulse to the opposed detector. The disparity in the transportation times of the two waves is exercised to compute the flow speed. This gauge is a secured category ultrasonic flow meter for enduring use and is perfect for cleaning fluids, comprising without air bubbles, for example, the unadulterated water. The simple-to-exercise, solid and frivolous plan is designed for incorporation into automatic appliances. The acceptance of a noise velocity calculation system, which computes noise velocity from the transfer time, remains the flowmeter unaltered by the pressure and the temperature of the liquid to be calculated. In addition, through the use of a high-velocity transfer time computer, the system sequence is 0.2 seconds and appropriate to undersized group processes. The UXF3 Series...

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