mass flow meter / thermal / for gas / digital
DMF series DWYER



  • Technology:

    mass, thermal

  • Fluid:

    for gas

  • Other characteristics:

    digital, in-line

  • Process pressure:

    Min.: 0.3 bar (4.35 psi)

    Max.: 10 bar (145.04 psi)

  • Process temperature:

    Min.: 5 °C (41 °F)

    Max.: 50 °C (122 °F)

  • Volumetric flow rate:

    Min.: 0 m³/h (0 ft³/h)

    Max.: 6 m³/h (26.4 ft³/h)


The DWYER'S Series DMF are created as digital mass flow controller. Its is durable and highly efficient in providing flow control with an accuracy of ±1%. It is very programmable and can handle pressure from up to 500 psig. It is built with tube sensors with restrictor flow elements to ensure accurate and repeatable gas flow. It is made insensitive to varying temperature and pressure. The DMF can be programmed in so many ways depending on the need and requirement at that time. It can be a flow set point or a stop totalizer and many more. Easy to install.

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