Rotary vane mixer / continuous / double-shaft
6 - 8 000 l | Bella™ XE/XN Dynamic Air


  • Type:

    rotary vane

  • Batch/continuous:


  • Number of axes:



The Bella Fluidized Zone Mixer by Dynamic Air offers an unique plan that attains quick, high limit, careful, exactness blending of either dry mass solids or fluids with solids. Despite molecule size, shape or thickness, materials are blended with a quick, effective and delicate activity. A weightless zone made by low speed counter-pivoting shafts produces low rubbing without shear.

This makes the Bella blender perfect for delicate items that can't endure unpleasant taking care of. Indeed chips or spread dried bodies stay in place. Flexible for Liquid Additions Liquids could be included at much higher rates than typically conceivable and incomprehensible material surfaces are continually being uncovered for most extreme scattering. An extensive variety of viscosities might be immediately scattered whether poured, streamed or showered. Molecule sizes direct rate and strategy for fluid expansion.


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