DC electronic load / programmable



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This programmable conventional electronic load series in bench-top style, is equipped with a versatile Micro-Processor Controller and 16-bit ADC/DACs for a high resolution. It features a highly flexible DC input range for a usage at either high voltage or high current as required, within the nominal power rating. It is equipped with a comfortable coloured TFT panel (easy-to-read, easy-to operate intuitive menu structure) integrating a versatile function generator with default wave forms (triangle, square, trapezoid, ramp), automatic battery test and PV inverter MPP-Tracking simulator. It displays U/I/R/P values with up to 4 digit of resolution. The DC input is highly stable and adequately filtered with 0...100% adjustable parameters. Current rising time is < 50µs and owing to FET linear technology, it is virtually ripple free. For external automated control, this series is equipped with a plug’n play slot to retrofit various interfaces and combinations such as USB, USB & Ethernet/LAN and USB & Analog 0-5V/0-10V (all isolated). This series is an ideal bench top tool for low-power component- and device testing, providing for accurate and reproducible test data. The versatile control software EA Power Control (available as free- and pay-ware) allows to run semi-automated test routines.