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IBEX- EX | 5 - 6 000 Ah Eagle Eye Power Solutions



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IBEX-1000EX is a battery tester from Eagle EYe that is used to test the remaining life of the battery quickly and accurately. It is capable of testing the internal ohm resistance, conductance, connection resistance, jar voltage, and temperature in a matter of seconds. It is widely used in various industries in order to guarantee a reliable back up power systems such as utilities, telecoms, and UPS.

This device has included items like the Li-Ion battery, a poly-vinyl bag, and a 4-pin type probe. it can be installed with a Serial Comm software, and a standard charger wit 100 to 240 VAC. It is delivered to a tough plastic carrying case, and a user manual. The measuring ranges of the IBEX-1000EX are at 5-6000 Ah for the battery, 0-60 VDC for voltage, and 0.001 - 999.9 mΩ for impedance.