Heated pitot tube flow meter / differential pressure / for air
VAP3®/IHP Eastern Instruments


  • Technology:

    heated pitot tube, differential pressure

  • Fluid:

    for air


The IHP is Eastern Instruments' newest product!! Our Integral Heated Pitot utilizes the original VAP3® Pitot technology by providing an accurate differential pressure output, that allows for precise air flow measurement and control of your process. Our Integral Heated Pitot can be installed in clear-air or particulate-laden applications, and it retains the accuracy of our original VAP3® (±2%). However, by incorporating integral controlled heaters our pitots can now function in conditions where ice build-up is present. With a heating system, that involves a heat tracing element integrated into the pitot itself, the problems with ice build-up are solved. The pitots no longer frost over, the surface area of the pitot itself is not effected due to the ice-build up, and therefore, the accuracy of our pitot is unaffected by the onslaught of conditions like freezing rain, or even the extreme temperatures surrounding cooling towers.


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