Geometry measuring system / alignment / laser
E980 Easy-Laser


  • Measured physical value:

    geometry, alignment

  • Technology:



The Easy-Laser® E980 is a laser-related computation and arrangement mechanism for maximum usage of saw mill equipment. It enables the equipment to work with a greater rate of production and premium quality products each hour. The Easy-Laser® E980 computation and arrangement mechanism can easily and instantly secure the saw blades as well as the rings. The laser line acts as a horizontal ruler for 40 metres and can meet the challenging and dirt-filled habitats of the sawmill. It can conduct various arrangements of the saw milling tool as compared to the conventional mechanism.

Owing to its ease of use, the alignment is conducted appropriately wherever needed. Moreover, the mechanism offers a quick redemption of the investment via lesser manufacturing halts and higher standard in sawn timber.


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