Alignment measuring system / laser / for extrusion lines
E930 Easy-Laser


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    for extrusion lines


The E930 from Easy-Laser® is a measurement system for alignment of extrusion machines. The tool is capable of measuring straightness and pointing directions on extruder pipes and hydraulic pipes. The program is able to measure pipes with diameters down to 50 mm, at a range of up to 40 m. The detector's measurement value is transferred to the display unit wirelessly via Bluetooth®, which allows the user to measure more freely.

The measurement system has programs that guide the user step-by-step, using clear graphics on a large 5.7" color screen. The user can also produce full documentation for measurement jobs, using the direct generation of PDF reports and database programs for PC. In addition, it is a complete system with a laser transmitter, detector and display unit.


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