flatness measuring system / laser / 3D / flange
E910 Easy-Laser



  • Measured physical value:


  • Technology:

    laser, 3D

  • Measured material:



The E910 from Damalini is a flange flatness measurement system. The unit features a true 3D image in the display, showing the result directly after measuring.

The device evaluates the result simply with various calculation settings. For example, three point source is the best fit, or all positive.

This method can also be done on site, without needing to stop and go to a PC with separate analysis programs. This system provides more efficient operation.

Laser transmitter D22 is equipped with a manual rotatable head, along with the option of deflecting the laser beam 90°. With a few more accessories, the system is also useful for checking the parallelism of the two tower flanges.