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fixed-wing UAV / mapping / composite

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fixed-wing UAV / mapping / composite fixed-wing UAV / mapping / composite


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    25 min, 40 min, 90 min


Thanks to advanced aerodynamics, the hand launch has never been easier. All you need is to press the take-off button and throw EasyMap
into the wind as soon as motor starts turning. Due to one piece construction, our UAV is very robust and flight preparing time is reduced to
less than 5 minutes. No heavy or complicated launcher is required. After take off, EasyMap is cruising 75-80 km/h.
This gives it superb resistance to weather conditions.
All the data read from the sensors are sent to the groundstation, where they are presented.
The user has also access to the current flight parameters in the real time.

Landing is another strong point of EasyMap UAV. Ultra low speed flight and 'bullet-proof' construction makes it almost impossible to break.Our UAV is made of ultra strong advanced carbon – kevlar hybrid composite. That makes it super light but also resistant to various unexpected events during the flight or landing.

Every EasyMap is equipped with 16 MP photo camera, electronically integrated and controlled.

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