paper protective packaging machine
Packmate® Easypack


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The Packmate is a void filling, cushioning system by paper. This is a sleek, compact system which fits to any type of production system. It produces paper cushion of high quality as expected from easypack system. These cushions produced are highly flexible, simple to use, and provide transit protection also. They are also safe to the environment and economical.

The cushions of paper produced by packmate system are versatile and very strong. They support the product during the entire transit by taking the shape of the product and maintaining the structure. The standard horizontal format of packmate paper system is readily available. The machine can be integrated with the current packaging unit by the readily available specialist design team.

Paper used is readily available from easypack to be used on packmate. The available paper is 100% recycled paper in brown and white colour with 52 gsm weight.