video corpo cad

rocker switch / single-pole / illuminated / lighting
NGR Eaton Commercial Controls



  • Type:


  • Number of poles:


  • Other characteristics:

    illuminated, lighting, vehicle, electromechanical

  • Protection level:


  • Current:

    10 A, 15 A

  • Voltage:

    28 V, 125 V, 250 V


New Generation Rocker is a field proven technology which offers both European style and ergonomic design and at the time same, provides rock-solid sturdiness that Eaton switches is known for. This one of a kind switches have illuminated and non-illuminated versions with either incandescent bulbs or LEDs which make it highly flexible to everyone. And to prove its flexibility, NGR also offers an assortment of rocker buttons and indicators with laser-etched or pad-printed icons, insertable lenses and adhesive-backed labels. For added convenience, it also has a backlighting technique which allows the user to change the color when illuminated depending on the back-lit color chosen. The parts are also easily expendable because it has rocker snaps on and off the switch.