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rotary switch / multipole / control / electromechanical
RW200 series Eaton Commercial Controls


  • Type:


  • Number of poles:


  • Other characteristics:

    control, electromechanical

  • Protection level:


  • Current:

    Min.: 5 A

    Max.: 17 A

  • Voltage:

    Min.: 9 V

    Max.: 16 V


The RW200 rotary wiper uses four control positions that can be adjusted with a rotating know. It can work with a high or low speed and also at an intermittent motion but you can also switch it to an off position. This uses a washer feature that works with a wiper and washer pump at the same time when a knob is pushed down. This is strong and sturdy and can handle a three-foot drop into concrete by taking in the mechanical shock that comes from the setup. The load dump protection feature allows this to manage a 120V load dump. This also works even after exposure to 12 Vdc for five minutes.


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