spool hydraulic directional control valve / hydraulically-operated / solenoid-operated / pneumatically-operated
DG series Eaton Hydraulics



  • Type:


  • Actuating method:

    hydraulically-operated, solenoid-operated, pneumatically-operated, mechanically-operated

  • Ports/positions:

    4-way, 3-way

  • Flow rate:

    1,100 l/min (291 us gal/min)

  • Operating pressure:

    350 bar (5,076 psi)


Regardless of the purpose a hydraulic system has, there is a reliable direction valve that can be found in Eaton's DG Series. These valves are simple to mount on standard industry equipment, and they have three- or four-way directional control for cylinder or hydraulic motors. They can be activated by solenoid, hydraulic or pneumatic pilot, lever or mechanically, which makes them perfect for several industrial needs.

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