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phase sequence monitoring relay / 2 NO/NC / IEC / DIN rail
EMR4/EMR5 Eaton



  • Measured/monitored value:

    phase sequence

  • Contact configuration:

    2 NO/NC

  • Other characteristics:

    IEC, DIN rail, three-phase, AC

  • Tripping current:

    Max.: 15 A

    Min.: 0 A


The EMR4/EMR5 range of measuring and monitoring relays is designed to cover a wide range of applications in electrical switchgear technology. All relays are approved for world markets to IEC/EN 60947 and UL/CSA approval. Many of the relays feature multi-voltage coils. This simplifies stock keeping and enhances the flexibility when reacting to customer


Current monitors for universal use
Phase monitors for monitoring destruction/damage protection for individual system sections
Phase sequence relays monitoring the rotating field
Unbalance relays for reliable phase loss detection
Multifunctional three-phase monitors
Asymmetric phase monitoring relays in a single device
Level monitoring relays for monitoring fill levels
Earth leakage monitors for enhanced operational safety

Phase monitor EMR5-W
The phase monitor EMR54-W in addition to the monitoring the rotary field, also monitors the level of the applied voltage – i.e. monitoring destruction or damage protection of individual system sections.


Phase sequence detection
Phase failure detection
Status display via LED
The relay features a second changeover contact that is used for indication purposes
Two versions for the monitoring voltage U = 160–300 V AC, 300 V–500 V AC and 350 V–580 V AC
Selectable response and off delay (0.1 s – 10 s)

Earth leakage monitor EMR4-R
The main area of application of the earth leakage monitor EMR4-R is the monitoring of auxiliary circuits for an earth fault to increase operating safety.