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low-voltage disconnect switch / DC
SOL, P-SOL Eaton



  • Voltage level:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Current:

    Min.: 20 A

    Max.: 63 A

  • VDC:



Eaton offers you both enclosed and open switch-disconnectors.

DC switch-disconnector SOL
Switch-disconnectors SOL in enclosures are ready to install and provided for operating currents of 20 A and 30 A at 1000 V DC. There are connection variants for two and four strings as well as for the two most commonly available connector types. MC4 or metric cable glands, allow problem-free integration in different system concepts. The switch enclosure features degree of protection IP65 and is thus ideally suited for outdoor installation. Locking features offer protection during service and maintenance. A pressure compensation element prevents collection of condensation and thus malfunctions due to flashovers.

DC switch-disconnector P-SOL
Open switch-disconnectors P-SOL are intended for customized enclosures or inverters. These switches are also available for operating currents of 20 A, 30 A and 63 A.
They are mounted on 35 mm top-hat rails. Their terminations facilitate connection of all conventional conductor types. Separate rotary handles and shaft extensions enable flexible installation. An auxiliary contact for indication of the switch state can be attached. A shunt release module as well as an undervoltage release module are available for remote tripping.

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