digital I/O module / analog / 2 analog outputs / IP67
SmartWire-DT Eaton



  • Signal type:

    digital, analog

  • Number of inputs/outputs:

    2 analog outputs

  • Other characteristics:



I/O modules IP67 for connection of digital and analog inputs/outputs to the SmartWire-DT network

The I/O Modules IP67 are available in two housing variants: T-Connector for connection of 1…4 sensors / actuators and Blockmodule with optional power supply and outputs up to 2 A for connection of 4…16 sensors / actuators. Standard M12-cables are used for the connection of the sensors/ actuators.

All modules are equipped with a sensor supply of 24 V DC with up to 180 mA. Supply of sensor is short-circuit proof (with diagnostics). Correct connection of a sensor at the module resp. the basic function can be detected via the current consumption (> 0.5 mA) in case of sensors with sensor supply. All outputs are overload and short-circuit proof (with diagnostics).