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Selecting the right dimmer has been quite a challenge due to the large variety of light bulbs, especially LED’s with their own specific characteristics. The Eaton Smart dimmer is a universal dimmer designed to smoothly and consistently dim all dimmable light bulbs like incandescent, halogen, ESL, CFL and LED light bulbs from the smallest load (0 Watt) without humming, flickering or glow after switch off. The dimmer is compatible with all mechanical pushbuttons on the market.

The Eaton Smart dimmer is a compact sized module (only 18mm depth) that allows an easy installation in a new building or retrofitted in an existing building mounted in a back box behind a mechanical pushbutton from a brand of choice or next to the lamp. The dimmer can be perfectly adjusted to the different LED lamp characteristics by selecting the pre-programmed DIM profiles or by defining your own. The dimmer allows easy extension of the control by adding up to 32 wireless push buttons. The Wireless switches can be placed easily wherever you like without any drilling or dirt. Commissioning the dimmer takes only three clicks!


For all dimmable light bulbs
100% dimming smoothness
Dims even the smallest load, starting from 0 Watt
6 preprogrammed DIM profiles
No annoying hum, flickering, inconsistent dimming or glow after switching off
Automatic phase cut (leading / trailing edge
Protected against short circuit, over load and overheating (auto recovery)
Compatible with all pushbutton brands
Easy installation & commissioning without chasing in any wires